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september theme: tejas - your inner light - bring it out!

9/2: new sep-oct schedule with added class times!
9/1 week: yoga boot camps break this week
9/7 4:30 pm sun: new prenatal yoga starts 6 wks
9/8 5:30 pm m/th: yoga boot camp starts-only $8/class! 8 wks

9/9 5:30 am tu/th: yoga boot camp starts-only $8/class! 8 wks
9/11 6:45 pm thu: restorative yoga 2nd thu every mo, 90 mins, $15
9/12-14: jim bennitt workshops the doood in the stoood!
9/13-14: no reg morn classes sat + sun jim bennitt replaces 'em!
9/18 3:30 pm thu: new family time yoga starts 6 wks
9/27 11:30 am sat: conscious posture workshop w/ mary
11/3: small group yoga therapeutics start more to come

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